Getting started
Every teacher at CBS has access to Zoom. In order to get started, go to and download the client from the links at the bottom of the page. This is also from where you can sign in and manage your future meetings as well as customize your personal Zoom settings.

Zoom is a video conferencing tool that allows you to have video and audio communication with your students or colleagues, as well as present content such as PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, or videos. Zoom can hold up to 300 students at a time and the sessions will be downloaded directly to your computer from where you can upload them to Panopto or Canvas. You can upload your Zoom meeting links to Canvas, so your students can access them directly from there as well as the recordings.

How can you use Zoom for your online teaching?

  • Host your live teaching sessions
    You can create and host your live sessions in Zoom
    with up to 300 students.
  • Record your sessions
    With Zoom, you can record your meetings and they will be saved directly to your personal computer. You can then upload the video recordings to Panopto or Canvas.
  • Present all of your content
    In Zoom, you are able to share all sorts of content – PowerPoint presentations, PDF’s, web pages, and videos.
  • Facilitate group work and collaborative learning
    Zoom’s breakout rooms work great for facilitating group work and lets you prepare the rooms in advance. Zoom also has a whiteboard option, where you can save the whiteboard directly to your own computer.

For technical guides, please visit Teaching & Learning’s Canvas guide room, T&L Guides here or contact Teaching & Learning at