How to develop a case

One of CBS’ strategic initiatives is to expand the development and use of quality cases for teaching. As such, The Nordic Case House wishes to build on this initiative by supporting the development of teaching cases through sparring, information, useful guidelines, and links as well as possibilities for student assistant support. We would particularly like to inspire and encourage the development of cases seen through a Nordic lens that is cases with the innovation, tradition, values, and culture common to the Nordic region. This, however, should not imply cases based on Nordic industries and businesses alone but rather developing cases both locally and globally that embrace a Nordic perspective.

Traditionally case development has been in the form of written cases but, cases, are also encouraged in other formats as well. As the Nordic Case House is a Teaching & Learning initiative, we are able to draw on our talented colleagues for assistance with less traditional case formats such a video cases.

Typical stages of case development are:

  1. Planning – meet with the organization and agree on a theme, deliverable, etc.
  2. Data collection – desktop research, conducting interviews with the main protagonist(s), other relevant stakeholders, desktop research, financial information, etc.
  3. Writing– typically, cases range from 7-15 pages. Prepare the first draft, get feedback from the organization and the Nordic Case House, incorporate all the feedback. A final draft typically will experience a degree of back and forth.  Remember to also prepare a Teaching Note which does not require approval or release from the organization.
  4. Approval – Final organization release, in-class testing, adjustments to the Teaching Note

It is also possible to use one of our team as a co-author or as a source of sparring for content, style, inspiration, and the like.

If you would like further information on case development, please contact Martiina M Srkoc or 38154278. 

Students sitting in front of the Solbjerg Plads campus and looking at a computer