How to publish a case

In the following, we explain the process you will go through if you choose to publish your teaching case through the Nordic Case House.

Publishing outlets
Cases submitted via the Nordic Case House are published as part of the CBS collections with The Case Centre and Harvard Business Publishing in parallel. Once a case and the associated teaching note are published, students and teaching staff worldwide can purchase the documents via the publisher’s web portals.

CBS also maintains a collection of free cases as part of its commitment to the Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME). These cases focus on aspects of responsible management, including social responsibility, anti-corruption, and sustainability. CBS PRME cases are accessible for free via The Case Centre. For any queries related to the PRME free case collection cases, please contact

Introduction meeting
We recommend that you reach out to us at as early as possible – preferably before you begin to write your case. We will then organize an introduction meeting with you where we help you decide on the publishing outlet for your case and inform you about the resources available to you throughout the writing and submission process.

Submission process
The case submission process is a mutual process between the case author and the Nordic Case House (case support, editor, proofreader, and designer). The case author is involved in all phases of the review and feedback process and is expected to use the input received in a constructive way to improve the overall quality of the case and teaching note.

The case submission process:

When a case and teaching note are received by the Nordic Case House, it will first be subject to a review by our Academic Director. Several cycles of review and improvement may be necessary before the case is approved. It then goes through professional editing, proof reading and graphical design. The author and the company featuring in the case approve the final versions of the files before they are sent to the publishing agencies. Note that it can take up to three months from a case is submitted to a publisher until it appears on the publisher’s web portal.

In connection with the case submission process, the following forms need to be filled:

NCH Case Submission Form

Metadata about the case. To be used in connection with submission to the publishing agencies.

NCH Case Study Agreement with company

Legally binding agreement between the company and CBS.

Copyright Transfer Agreement for cases – Single Author

Legally binding agreement between the author and CBS. To be used for cases with a single author.

Copyright Transfer Agreement for cases – Co-Author

Legally binding agreement between the authors and CBS. To be used for cases with co-authors.

Revenue and remuneration
Remuneration from CBS to the authors is granted as 25% of the revenue gained from sale and exploitation of the case and teaching note as detailed in the Copyright Transfer Agreement between the author(s) and CBS.

In addition to the received remuneration, employed Authors at CBS are granted either Prophix hours (applicable for faculty) or student assistant hours (applicable for student assistants). The Authors can choose between 20 Prophix hours or 50 student assistant hours as remuneration in total for the sale and exploitation of their work. The choice of remuneration shall be agreed with CBS before signing the Copyright Transfer Agreement.

If you are interested in contributing to the CBS Nordic Case House collection, please reach out to us at