At Teaching & Learning, we offer support for a collection of educational tools for improving academic teaching, activating students, and creating an engaging classroom. We have licenses for the tools listed below. All the tools on this list have been approved by CBS Legal and are okay to use in regard to GDPR regulations.

Found an education tool that you want to use?

If you have found a new educational tool (that is not on the list below), please contact our learning technologist Mads Szylit Larsen at Please be aware that there are formal and time-consuming rules that CBS Legal must follow in order to decide if a company and/or tool is GDPR compliant. It can therefore be a good idea to explore the tool(s) that you want to use in your teaching well in advance before your course begins.

Read more about acquiring new digital tools and GDPR here.

Educational tools in alphabetical order

Teaching tools by category