CONTACT INFORMATION - Who should you contact from your department?

A support contact from Teaching & Learning has been assigned to each department. If you need help, please contact the relevant contact for your department. If you can not reach the relevant contact, please e-mail Teaching & Learning at

Department of Accounting (ACC):

  • Varia Christie - Research Assistant ( / +45 41 85 21 56)
  • Anita Monty - Consultant ( / +45 41 85 22 38)

Department of Digitalization (DIGI):

Department of Economics (ECON):

Department of Finance (FI):

Department of Economics, Government & Business (EGB):

Department of Management, Politics & Philosophy (MPP/LAW):

Department of Management, Society & Communication (MSC):

  • Ida Marie Malmkjær - Consultant ( / +45 41 85 22 42)

Department of Marketing (MARKTG):

Department of Operations Management (OM):

Department of Organization (IOA):

Department of Strategy & Innovation (SI):

Upcoming activities from T&L:

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There are no upcoming courses from Teaching & Learning at the moment.

FeedbackFruits webinars

Teaching & Learning will host a number of webinars, and you can read more about the webinars and sign up HERE. In the webinars you will get an overview of the functionality of each tool and see pedagogical use cases. The dates are as follows:

Session 1:
17th of August 12PM:
Automated Feedback & Group Member Evaluation 

Session 2:
19th of August 12PM:
Interactive Study Materials (Video and Doc) and Comprehension 

Session 3:
24th of August at 2PM:
Skill Review, Peer Review and Assignment Review 

Session 4:
25th of August at 2PM:
Discussion Assignment and Interactive Presentation 

Session 5:
26th of August at 2PM:
Interactive Study Materials (Video and Doc) and Comprehension 

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