CONTACT INFORMATION - Who should you contact from your department?

A support contact from Teaching & Learning has been assigned to each department. If you need help, please contact the relevant contact for your department. If you can not reach the relevant contact, please e-mail Teaching & Learning at

Department of Accounting (ACC):

  • Varia Christie - Research Assistant ( / +45 41 85 21 56)
  • Anita Monty - Consultant ( / +45 41 85 22 38)

Department of Digitalization (DIGI):

Department of Economics (ECON):

Department of Finance (FI):

Department of Economics, Government & Business (EGB):

Department of Management, Politics & Philosophy (MPP/LAW):

Department of Management, Society & Communication (MSC):

  • Ida Marie Malmkjær - Consultant ( / +45 41 85 22 42)

Department of Marketing (MARKTG):

Department of Operations Management (OM):

Department of Organization (IOA):

Department of Strategy & Innovation (SI):

Upcoming activities from T&L:

Introduction to the equipment in the streaming rooms and how to stream your teaching using Teams

Course content 

Participants will be introduced to the equipment in the streaming rooms and see how to stream lessons with Teams. 

Target group 

Teachers who would like to know more about streaming of their courses in the streaming rooms.  

Time & Location 

24th of January from 12.00 – 13.00 in K146 (Kilen) 

25th of January from 12.00-13.00 in K146 (Kilen) 

26th of January from 14.30-15.30 in K146 (Kilen) 

2nd of February from 10.00-11.00 in SP112 (Solbjerg Plads) 

3rd of February from 12.00-13.00 in SP112 (Solbjerg Plads) 

9th of February from 10.00 - 11.00 in K146 (Kilen) 

10th of February from 12.00-13.00 KS48 (Kilen) 

10th of February from 14.30-15.30 SP112 (Solbjerg Plads) 

Please sign up HERE.

Course managers

Mads Szylit Larsen (Teaching & Learning) 

Søren Baltzer Rasmussen (Teaching & Learning) 

Collaborative Learning Webinar

Date: Monday, 7th February 2022, 15.00-16.00

Location: Online

In this hands-on webinar, the participants will be introduced to the main principles of collaborative learning. We shall discuss its main benefits and common challenges, and explore the wide variety of activity types available to the teachers. The participants will learn how to approach the selection of collaborative activities and how to frame them to maximise student learning.

The webinar will take place online. Please register in advance HERE.

Hosts: Varia Christie ( and Nuria Lopez (

Course design webinar

Date: Wednesday February 9th, 14:00 to 15:30 

Location: Online 

In this workshop, we shall present a step-by-step approach to course design that you can then put into practice either to redesign courses you are already teaching or to set up a new course. Some of the key topics are course design as an iterative process; alignment of learning outcomes, assessment and learning activities; and blended courses. We hope that this session will help you relate the core principles of course design to your teaching situation and offer a very practical pedagogical toolkit to facilitate your course planning.  

After the workshop, we shall provide a series of resources that could be used to carry out the course (re)design process independently, as well as outline further support available from Teaching & Learning.  

Please sign up via this link. The workshop will be delivered via Zoom (the link will be circulated to the registered participants nearer the time). 

Hosts: Nuria Lopez ( and Varia Christie ( 

Supporting study and reading strategies: POSTPONED

NB! Due to our support on the 50/50 streaming model for February, this webinar is postponed until further notice. 

Time and date: TBA 

Location: Online 

In this webinar, the participants will be introduced to the main principles of efficient study strategies, and how you as a teacher can help support these. We will talk about how efficient study strategies can help students focus their studying and reading of course material, and there will be time for discussion, questions, and reflection.  

Thomas Gylling, student counselor from STU, will present his experiences and reflections with perspectives on students’ study strategies at CBS. Then follows an introduction to CBS Library’s new tool, Course Readings, where students are able to annotate a shared PDF. Course Readings can be used to support and develop students’ reading strategies. 

The webinar will take place online. Please register in advance HERE. 

Peer feedback webinar

Date: February 25th 2022, 14.00-15.00

Location: Online

In this webinar, we will talk about the use of peer feedback as a learning tool, presenting some of the main issues to consider when designing formative peer feedback activities. The main topics will be: how to choose and introduce the activity, how to guide students as they assess and provide feedback to each other; and how to encourage self-reflection and action on feedback.  

The webinar will take place online and will not be recorded.  

Please register in advance HERE. A Zoom link will be sent closer to the date. 

Host: Nuria Lopez ( 

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