CONTACT INFORMATION - Who should you contact from your department?

A support contact from Teaching & Learning has been assigned to each department. If you need help, please contact the relevant contact for your department. If you can not reach the relevant contact, please e-mail Teaching & Learning at

Department of Accounting (ACC):

  • Varia Christie - Research Assistant ( / +45 41 85 21 56)
  • Anita Monty - Consultant ( / +45 41 85 22 38)

Department of Digitalization (DIGI):

Department of Economics (ECON):

Department of Finance (FI):

Department of Economics, Government & Business (EGB):

Department of Management, Politics & Philosophy (MPP/LAW):

Department of Management, Society & Communication (MSC):

  • Ida Marie Malmkjær - Consultant ( / +45 41 85 22 42)

Department of Marketing (MARKTG):

Department of Operations Management (OM):

Department of Organization (IOA):

Department of Strategy & Innovation (SI):

Upcoming activities from T&L:

Assertiv verbal – oral communication and personal performance

Time & Location: 

Date: 20th of September, 2021
Time: 9:00am-12:30pm
Location: PH16A_210 Team Studio

This course is for teachers who are interested in learning how to use their voice and body in the classroom. You can i.e. learn to Improve your voice skills, get rid of voice problems like mumbling, speaking to fast, tired voice, no volume, etc. 

Read more and sign up HERE.

Supervision of masters' thesis - specifically for external lecturers (Taught in Danish)

Time & Location: 

Date: 27th of September 2021
Time: 13.00 - 16.30 
Location: PH16A_110 Performance Studio

This course is for everybody who supervise/are going to supervise master’s thesis at CBS.
This course is mandatory for external lecturers. Other master’s thesis supervisors who wish to learn more about thesis supervision are welcome.

Read more and sign up HERE.

Collaborative learning

Time & Location: 

Date: Wednesday, 6th of October
Time: 15.00-16.00
Location: Online

In this hands-on webinar, the participants will be introduced to the main principles of collaborative learning. We shall discuss its main benefits and common challenges, and explore the wide variety of activity types available to the teachers. The participants will learn how to approach the selection of collaborative activities and how to frame them to maximise student learning.

The webinar will take place online. Please register in advance HERE. You will receive a link for the online session in your e-mail. 

Hosts: Varia Christie ( and Nuria Lopez (


How to design formative peer assessment activities

Time & Location

Date: October 11th

Time: 15.00-16.00

Location: Online

In this webinar we will talk about what is formative peer assessment and what are some of the main issues to consider when designing formative peer assessment activities. The main topics will be: how to choose and introduce the activity, how to guide students as they assess and provide feedback to each other; and how to encourage self-reflection and action feedback.  

The webinar will take place online and will not be recorded.  

Please register in advance HERE. Registered participants will be sent a link to join the session.


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