Signature Course Packs

To ensure the high quality of teaching and learning activities at CBS, continuous educational development of courses and programs is essential. Resources for educational development are scarce in terms of faculty time and support so we need to use the resources strategically and effectively to ensure the best possible result for as many students as possible. As part of the CBS strategy, signature course packs address this need by developing high-quality course material, which can be used in more than one program.

What is a signature course pack?

  • A signature course pack is developed by faculty at CBS in collaboration with Teaching & Learning.
  • A course pack offers a mix of online learning resources of a high and consistent quality that has been developed in a peer-reviewed process.
  • The learning resources are available for use in relevant courses across CBS, and teachers can either adopt the full package or adapt selected learning materials to an existing course.
  • Teachers who want to adopt or adapt course materials will team up with a learning consultant who will ensure that the teacher becomes familiar with the package and how to use it.
  • The availability of high-quality online learning resources, e.g. video lectures, quizzes, and cases, makes it more affordable for teachers to deliver blended learning. Adopting or adapting teachers may use materials in the course pack for students’ online preparation and focus their own time on preparing for in-class interaction.
  • Signature course packs represent an opportunity for teachers to learn from each other and develop a collaborative culture that may last beyond the development of the course pack.

To find out more about the signature course packs, navigate the menu on the left or click the buttons below. We are currently working on developing a new signature course pack in Performance Management. Please come back and check for updates!

Performance Management Signature Course Pack (in development)