Blended Learning

Blended learning is the combination of ordinary classroom teaching, and online, technology-driven teaching. Blended learning is not a pedagogy. However, by taking advantage of online tools and environments, Blended Learning can be a way of reinforcing the pedagogical principles at CBS.

The ambition is that by 2024, the far majority of all courses at CBS is taught in a blended way., meaning that blended learning is going to be the ‘new normal’ way of teaching at CBS. A research project is currently underway, that is going to support this transition: The Research in Blended Learning (RiBL) is a cross-institutional, cross-disciplinary, strategic initiative at CBS focused on supporting the university in achieving a strategic objective of ensuring that by 2024, 80% of all its courses are offered as blended learning. The RiBL project is funded through an external grant from the Danish CANDYS Foundation (2017-2024). Read more about the RiBL project here.

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