This site is for anyone (program directors, course coordinators, fellow teachers, etc.) at CBS who either work, are about to work or consider working with instructors in their courses.

Maybe you are…

  • Considering working with instructors
    You are considering whether it could be useful to hire instructors but you feel like you need a bit more information to make your final decision. Discover more below
  • Currently working with instructors
    You are already using instructors in your course and want to know even more about how to release their full potential. Go to “training”
  • About to recruit instructors
    You have already made up your mind and are about to hire your instructors. Discover this page and go to “Recruitment”.
What is an instructor?

An instructor at CBS is a bachelor/master student who is hired as a part-time teacher limited period (DVIP).

The practical definition

An instructor is a student who provides teaching/pedagogical services to other students. The specific educational tasks and responsibilities of instructors vary across CBS. Usually, instructors act as exercise teachers who either teach their own classes or assist other teachers in their classes. However, some instructors also act as supervisors and counselors in “study cafés”.

Common names for instructors

Instruktor (Danish legal name), student instructor, student teacher, studenterunderviser, instruktør, øvelseslærer, exercise teacher, hjælpelærer, tutor, TA/teaching assistant (different DVIP category).

For any questions regarding CBS instructors please do not hesitate to contact learning consultant Nina Rathlev Henriksen at