The purpose of this site on supervision is to give advice and ideas to supervisors on handling supervision of projects. The site illustrates a short overview and it contains some concepts on how project work and handling of supervision is supposed to be conducted at CBS. It illustrates some pitfalls and ways to avoid these pitfalls.

The material presented is not conclusive, but is created for discussion and dialogue between students, between supervisors, and between students and supervisors. As s supervisor please feel free to bring this material to your students’ attention.

You can read more guidelines and recommendations for supervision by navigating the menu on the left.

<strong>The first meeting</strong>
Suggested agenda for the first supervision meeting
  • Presentation round
  • Formal constraints
  • Student expectations
  • Supervisor expectations
  • Discussing process of groupwork
<strong>Matching of expectations</strong>

Below you will be able to download a cartoon. The cartoon describes a project work situation, where expectations between students and supervisor have never been matched. Here we have no heroes, no villains. Only students who loose an opportunity for a better and more giving process.

<strong>Five signs of good supervision</strong>

The students have improved their skills and understanding so they will improve their capabilities to:

  • Handling the formulation of their research question
  • Be aware of the necessity of limitations
  • Be aware of the necessity of constant writing

Due to the students and the supervisors understanding of the demands:

  • The students understand the final grading of their performance.
  • The students understand the attitudes and the behavior of the supervisor during the process and the exam.