Getting started
Every teacher and student at CBS has full access to Microsoft Teams. The software works both as an application and in your browser, but we recommend using the application for the best experience. You can download Microsoft Teams hereremember to sign in with your CBS login.

Microsoft Teams is a live, online video conferencing tool that allows you to have video and audio communication with your students or colleagues. Microsoft Teams can hold up to 300 students at a time and the sessions can be recorded. Microsoft Teams is also integrated with Canvas, so you can create your Teams meeting directly from Canvas, and your students are able to access the link directly from there.

How can you use Teams for your online teaching?

  • Host your live teaching sessions
    With Teams, you can host your live teaching sessions and create them
    directly from Canvas.
  • Record your session
    In Teams, you can record your session and it will automatically be uploaded to
    Microsoft’s cloud solution, Microsoft OneDrive, from where you can share
    the recording with your students.
  • Present your content
    You can share your content from Teams, whether it is a PowerPoint,
    a web page, a document, or a video.
  • Facilitate group work and collaborative learning
    You can send students into breakout rooms, use the integrated whiteboard option or have students host their own group meetings.

For technical guides, please visit Teaching & Learning’s Canvas guide room or contact the IT support. Your local learning consultant can advise on how to create engaging online teaching.