Animation & Illustrations

Why animation/illustration?

Animations and illustrations work especially well when abstract and complex topics, theories, and models have to be conveyed and explained to students.


  • Presents abstract concepts and are used to illustrate ideas and theories.
  • Communicates quantitative relationships between two or more variables and are often used in economics and mathematics.
  • Can give an overview of lesson content in a structured and sequenced order and are often used for models.

Motion graphics animations are an effective and versatile form of supportive teaching materials and are invaluable for supporting instructional goals in education. From depicting procedural illustrations to displaying virtual sets that require problem-solving and decision-making skills, motion graphics present academic content in unique and engaging ways.

Animation & Illustrations formats


Short to medium-length format, theory review of up to several theories without clear narrative processes and characters.


Brief structure of a concrete model, where each “step” is explained in animation.


Short to medium-length format that works well to exemplify and visualize narrative sequences.


Non-animated elements that support and strengthen the content in a video.

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