What is HSTalks?

HSTalks is a media database that contains more than 900 videos, cases, and audio clips in a wide range of areas including strategy, management, finance, accounting, marketing, sales, and technology. For each category, you can browse talks, series (introductions to as well as collections of talks on a specific topic), and experts associated with the category. You can then embed the videos in your course on Canvas.

Through the CBS subscription, you as a teacher have access to use these videos in your teaching. The service is hosted by the CBS Library. You can read more about HS Talks on the CBS Library page here.

How can I use HSTalks in my teaching?

  • Make HSTalks a part of your teaching

Embed in Canvas or other online learning environments – make HSTalks part of a course or recommend the cases and videos as additional learning material to your students.

  • Designed to support teaching and learning

Lectures at advanced graduate level; lectures accessible to undergraduates. Makes single students and small courses possible.

  • Flip and blend

The video format is ideal for flipped or/and blended learning. Videos can be integrated with lectures or off-campus.

If you are a CBS employee or student, you have full acces when using your computer on campus. If you are off-campus, you sign up for a personal account via CBS’s internal network using your employee/student login details.


HSTalks Quick Start Guide (link)