Lectures casts, seminars, and case studies in Business & Management.



What is HSTalks?

HSTalks is a platform consisting of more than 1,200 videos and cases in a wide host of research areas such as Strategy, Global Business Management, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Sales and Technology. For teachers at CBS there are a wide range of topics covered by Business & Management Collection which includes:

  • Finance, Accounting & Economy
  • Global Business Management
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Strategy
  • Technology & Operations

Each series covers a particular subject and is compiled with the guidance of an expert editor.
Lectures and case studies are delivered by experts from commerce, industry and academia. New material is added every month and all content is regularly reviewed and updated.

How can i incorporate and use HStalks during my teaching?

Make HSTalks part of a course

Embed in Moodle, Blackboard or other online learning environments – make HSTalks part of a course or recommend the cases and videos as additional learning material to your students.

Designed to support Teaching and Learning

Lectures at advanced graduate level; lectures accessible to undergraduates. Makes single student and small number courses possible.

Flip and Blend

The video format is ideal for flipped or/and blended learning. Videos can be integrated in lectures or off campus.


From Teacher to Teacher


Below we have provided examples of experiences with HSTalks from different lecturers and professors.



I found the material very user friendly and the topics that are available and those that are being developed relevant and useful.

Dr. Richard Choueke

Senior Lecturer in Business, Management and Leisure, Edge Hill University

It’s a welcome break from readings and reinforces learning by utilizing both the aural and visual senses.

Ms Donna Slawsky

Instructor, School of Continuing Education, Columbia University

These resources present an engaging and informative way for students to enhance their learning experience.

Mr. Paul Kitchin

Senior Lecturer in Sports Management and Marketing, London Metropolitan University

How to Get started

Click the document icon on the right to provide yourself with information and guidelines about how to get started with HSTalks. The document provides a quick startguide consisting of general information about the collection and selection of Business and Management material. The quick startguide support you when signing up to HSTalks – if you are a CBS employee or student you have full acces when using campus net. If you are off-campus you sign up for a personal account via CBS’s internal network using your student login details.