Course design

When we contemplate what we want to teach our students, and how we want that teaching to be unfolded, we are already at the beginning of the course design process. A well-structured and cohesive course design is key for establishing an enjoyable, meaningful, and constructive learning experience for students – as well as for instructors.

Listen to dr. Mark Bullen, an educational specialist, talk about course and instructional design and why it’s important:

A meaningful course design is key for developing and delivering teaching and learning that is student-centered, active, and collaborative. Careful planning of your course design will make the teaching and learning experience more enjoyable and constructive for your students as well as yourself. On these pages, you will find inspiration and guidance in how to develop your course(s) with a research-based approach.  

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Take a look at this document from our Course Design webinar for more inspiration for how to design your course(s).