Creative Studio

Creative Studio education is student-centered. It invites students to co-create the learning experience with instructors and to construct knowledge in teams, through peer-to-peer interaction. Often Creative Studio teaching has a generative focus: how to make a business model; how to design a new product; how to make a strategy; how to make a marketing campaign etc. Activities may include engaging in real-world innovation projects for clients and practicing business “craft” skills like communication and teamwork.

Ways to use the Creative Studio




Basic teaching supplies are kept in stock for the Creative Studio. Please note that if you need any special materials or want to borrow Lego, please contact us in advance at The basic stock includes:

  • Flip charts
  • Whiteboards (permanent and rolling) and markers
  • Post-its and pens for brainstorming
  • Tape, scissors, and paper
  • Computer/projectors for presentations
  • Lego
  • Coffee/tea for preparation in the kitchen

Booking and using the studio
You can find more information on the CBS Studios in this manual.

  • To book, please send an e-mail to in order to make your booking through Campus Service.
  • Please send an email to if you want an introduction to Creative Studio through Teaching & Learning.
  • If you want to find out if Creative Studio is suitable for your teaching, please contact studio director Bo T. Christensen at