Due to the economic situation at CBS, we have chosen not to extend the contract with Actee. If you have planned to use it, please contact Søren or Mads at sbr.tl@cbs.dk or msl.tl@cbs.dk and we will try and help you find an alternative.

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Getting started

If you want to get started using Actee, reach out to learning consultant Søren Baltzer Rasmussen at sbr.tl@cbs.dk.

Visit Actee’s own web page here.

Actee Hub is a collection of learning games, where students are prompted to solve workplace-related simulated problems within management and leadership studies. The simulations are based on theoretical knowledge of the topics and concepts that are covered and aim to deal with common issues within the fields of change management, leadership, and communication.

Teaching and facilitating with simulation games on the Actee Hub is an engaging way to motivate and involve the students in their own learning in class. The games work as tools to make theoretical learning more practice-oriented through relatable casework and decision-making, which moves learning closer to work-life.

How can you use ActeeHub in your teaching?

  • Casework: Students play and learn through relatable case games
  • Realism: Prepare students for work-life with gamification and cases used by large international organizations
  • Engagement: Use game elements to engage students in face-to-face teaching 
  • Practice: Make theory action-oriented as applied in examples of real-life situations and natural human reactions
  • Collaboration: Work together in groups to reflect on new perspectives provoked by the outcome of game decisions
  • Data Generation: Get an overview of the choices made and actions taken in the games with the data tool.


For technical support, please visit Actee’s website actee.com.

For pedagogical support, do not hesitate to contact Actee via e-mail at info@actee.com.