Why use instructors?

Instructors have proximity and like-mindedness with students, which can constitute significant pedagogical advantages. A survey performed by Teaching & Learning in 2018 indicates that 92% of the students at CBS find it valuable to have instructors in their courses. Download the survey here.

Pedagogical advantages

Based on collaboration with relevant stakeholders (Instructors, students, fellow teachers, course coordinators, management, and pedagogical consultants from CBS and other Danish universities), here are some examples of the pedagogical strengths of using instructors:

  • Understand students
    Instructors have a good understanding of the challenges and learning barriers students might experience because they have recently experienced them themselves.
  • Informal language
    Since instructors are more likely to speak in an informal language, their explanations and guidance are easy for students to understand.
  • Easy to approach
    Instructors are easy to approach because they are able to create a confidential, comfortable atmosphere allowing students to ask ‘stupid questions.
  • Role models
    As peers, students can relate and even look up to instructors.
  • Relate to student life
    Instructors are able to relate course learning to the everyday life of students.
  • Relate to program
    Instructors are able to put a course and its’ learning into the context of a program, having gone through it themselves recently.