Marketing Signature Course Pack

Trailer – Marketing Signature Course Pack

At the Department of Marketing, we approach the development of a “Signature Course Pack” through three design principles: consistency, flexibility, and personalization. More particularly, we aim at creating a course pack that:

  • offers consistently high quality with a consistent narrative and design,  
  • which is created as a modular offering where teachers can adopt the entire course pack or single modules or even sub-units the way it suits the program, course, and teaching style,  
  • and which offers content that is relatable for students by ensuring the personal touch by content producers (i.e., MARKTG faculty) and the adopting teachers alike. 

Getting started with the signature course pack

If you are teaching at CBS and want to browse through the Marketing Signature Course Pack, contact Ulla Bergen or Varia Christie to get access to a Canvas room with the resources and receive further guidance.

With the institutional goals and these design principles in mind, we created a fundamental two-semester, 15 ECTS Bachelor Marketing course in a blended learning format. Importantly, we divided the course into two distinct semesters: 

  • Semester 1 focuses on “Knowledge Acquisition”, i.e., educating our students in fundamental marketing theories and concepts, training their analytical and logical thinking, and 
  • Semester 2 focuses on “Knowledge Application”, i.e., focusing our students on applying these theories and concepts to real-world marketing problems, training them in critically assessing the usefulness of available concepts and theories for a problem at hand, while at the same time helping them develop the necessary skills as a future marketing expert. 

The material that the team develops includes around 100 lecture and instructional videos, nine original cases, around 120 quiz questions, and pedagogical and design instructions for adopting teachers. In addition, a Canvas room has been developed that will serve as a repository of these materials, and where teachers will find suggestions for instructional Canvas designs. Teachers who wish to adopt or adapt this course material will be able to use all materials or only specific parts. 

Overview of content

The Marketing Course Pack contains:

72 professionally produced video lectures
15 professionally produced video tutorials
9 original cases
22 quiz questions