Nordic Nine

The Nordic Nine is a set of nine transformative capabilities that balance the advancement of the individual with responsibilities that stretch beyond business and into society. The capabilities interweave the many views inside CBS while clearly distinguishing CBS from the majority of other business schools in the world.

The purpose of The Nordic Nine initiative is that all graduates from CBS possess the transformative skills described in The Nordic Nine which are part of CBS’ strategy. The goal is that all graduates from CBS in 2024 have engaged in research-based learning processes that develop The Nordic Nine skills, including the special management skills that are characteristic of the Nordic model, and which is essential for CBS’ ambition to be a part of leading the necessary transformations in business and society. The revised competency profiles of the study programs are applicable for the enrollments in 2021.

  • The Nordic Nine is a set of transformational capabilities that will be integrated into all CBS programs ​​
  • The Nordic Nine also reaches into teacher development and learning design​​
  • The Nordic Nine will position CBS as a global business university with a unique Nordic approach​​

Teaching methods that support
The Nordic Nine

Some teaching methods are central to supporting the application of The Nordic Nine capabilities. Read more about them here.