Learning how to teach in Business Studios

The course Business Studio Teaching and Learning is a 2-hour fully online and self-paced introductory course in which you will learn about the various forms a Business Studio can take, and how it compares with studios in other disciplines such as Art and Design. As you progress through the course you will discover what is ‘made’ in a Business Studio, the value of Business Studios for business and management education, and the vital role of creativity in the studio environment. Along the way, you will find out how colleagues at the Copenhagen Business School, The University of Sydney Business School, and other institutions have implemented studio pedagogy. This will give you some concrete examples of the kinds of projects students might engage in when learning in the studio environment. At the end of the course, you will walk away with a conceptual framework and practical insights to help you develop a business studio course or module. Please click on the image below to self-enroll in the self-paced course.

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