Funding for educational development programs outside CBS

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is offering two scholarships to join the International Teachers Program 2025, starting in January 2025, and one for a program of own choice. Eligible candidates are tenured faculty from CBS. Three successful candidates will receive the scholarships (two ITP and one self-selected), which cover all costs including travel expenses, tuition fees, accommodation, personal coaching, educational materials, and daily allowances.

It is up to the candidate to select a program offered during 2025 that matches their requirements and to argue why this is a relevant competence development activity. Topics could, for example, include case-based teaching, studio-based teaching, mentoring or coaching.

ITP Program
The ITP Program was started to respond to the new challenges business school teachers are facing and it is delivered by world-class teachers, for teachers- and dedicated to help business/management school faculty members enhance their skills, capabilities and mind-set. The program is designed to help teachers succeed in their academic career including coping with competing and sometimes even contradictory criteria for “success” around the roles and importance of teaching, of research and scholarship and, increasingly, around administrative duties. The aim is to support teachers in finding their ‘best self as a teacher’ from the array of different methods available.

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Stipends for attending educational development programs outside CBS will be available on a yearly basis for tenured faculty. Calls for applications will be posted here as well as on CBS Share in the spring of 2024.