About Teaching & Learning



Teaching & Learning is a development and support unit for teachers and program directors at CBS. Our mission is to support and promote the pedagogical development of teaching at CBS. The role of Teaching & Learning in relation to this pedagogical development is to create an inspiring learning environment, be a sparring partner, and support with human and financial resources. To fulfill these tasks, we have a range of activities that can create new methods and develop existing ways teachers can interact with their students. We provide a variety of different services, including:

• Development & training of teachers through courses, workshops, seminars, and consultancy
• The HETEP program
• Offer inspiration for all kinds of teaching methods
• Implementation of blended & online learning activities
• Support for pedagogical tools
• Production of videos for teaching and learning purposes

If a department or a study program wants a specially designed course or workshop we can work it out in collaboration with the unit.

Our office is located at Porcelænshaven 7 (the Rosenvilla).

Teaching & Learning strategy

CBS’ vision is to create a university where the student is at the center of a wide variety of teaching and learning activities that, using pedagogical considerations, supported by technology, engage and activate the students to achieve academic competencies that are in demand by business and society. This is a part of Teaching & Learning’s main tasks and purpose. Read more about Teaching & Learning’s strategy by clicking on the button below.

Our mission: Who we are
We are an educational development unit that supports and drives the development of quality in teaching and learning at CBS.

Our vision: Why we do it
We contribute to the realization of CBS’ strategic ambitions that aim to deliver transformational education with high societal impact. We strive for CBS to provide the same high quality in all educational offerings and all teaching activities.

Our priorities: What we do
Our core activities divide into four main areas: One-to-one support and development, one-to-many development offerings, organizational development, and development of teaching materials.

Our strategy: How we do it
We offer high-level, dedicated professional support to teachers and educational leaders at CBS. We want to be experienced as relevant, knowledgeable, accommodating, and enthusiastic in all our services and deliverables.