Teaching & Learning Media Team

What do you need?

Who we are

The purpose of the Teaching & Learning Media Team is to support the development and production of materials for use in teaching at all programs at Copenhagen Business School. As part of a pedagogical development unit, the team’s mission is to achieve coherence between media products and pedagogical themes within teaching and learning. It is thus the team’s most important contribution to assist with professional competencies and specialized knowledge by entering into partnerships and collaboration with teachers. The vision is that in this collaboration we contribute to the development of teaching resources of the highest quality.

What we do

The team organizes, produces, and manages a wide range of media products, and also offers advice and training in connection with the development of teaching materials. Responsible for VCSM (Panopto) and digital learning tools, video, podcast, animations, illustrations, insights into storytelling, interview techniques, and introduction to and advice in general visual and auditory communication for use in teaching at Copenhagen Business School, are thus all part of the team’s overall performance catalog.

Where we do it

The team is rooted in the higher education and teaching environment, where the execution of products as well as the training and competence development of the teachers takes place in line with relevant learning perspectives and is based on the overall pedagogical development.

Why we do it

The team’s contribution is an important part of the overall teaching at Copenhagen Business School. The goal is for teachers as well as students to experience an up-to-date and strengthened pedagogically based contribution in addition to conventional teaching.