Assistant Professor Program (APP) (NB! Replaced by HETEP from August 2021)

The Assistant Professor Programme is aligned with CBS’ pedagogical principles and provides knowledge, inspiration, and opportunities for development of junior faculty’s teaching competencies.


CBS Teaching & Learning is responsible for the provision of CBS’ Assistant Professor Programme, which is mandatory for assistant professors employed by CBS. The objective of the AP-Programme is to contribute to the teaching competence development of assistant professors, enabling them to become excellent teachers and course managers in their future careers at CBS or other universities. The APP is required by law and aligned with CBS’ pedagogical principles. It provides knowledge, inspiration, teaching supervision, and a written assessment of teaching competencies.

Of course, developing the teaching competence of assistant professors cannot be seen solely as the result of a study programme. Competency development of this nature depends to a very large extent on the assistant professors’ engagement in and willingness to learn from the actual practice of teaching. Consequently, assistant professors must teach at least the equivalent of one full semester to participate in the programme.

Learning objectives

Acquire fundamental knowledge about didactics, active & research-based teaching, (blended) learning, supervision, examination, and formative/summative feedback practices

Based on this knowledge, demonstrate the ability to perform didactical analyses of a specific teaching/assessment setting

Demonstrate willingness and ability to perform, develop, and adapt teaching & assessment activities to the benefit of students’ learning outcomes in the specific setting


For further information about the Assistant Professor Program, please contact academic officer Mia Stelsig Haagesen at