Teaching tasks

Often, it is not very clear what Instructors are supposed to do and are even able to do when they are put in the Instructor position. Therefore, it is a good idea to have an explicit, initial agreement on the instructor’s teaching tasks.

  • It is recommended that the teaching tasks assigned to instructors are based on a consideration of their pedagogical strengths and advantages
  • It is important to remind instructors, that they are not lecturers. They need to remember, that if they are asked about the course curriculum, and they are not entirely sure of the answer, the questions need to be directed to the lecturers
  • Many instructors use their breaks and spare time answering student questions. Since this is not included in their job description, instructors should be reminded that they are not required to do so.
CBS’ guidelines to instructor teaching tasks

The guidelines from CBS are (reference), that instructors can take on the following teaching tasks with dependent on agreement with their course coordinator:

  • Design of exercises based on course material​
  • Facilitation and review of exercises​
  • Help and supervision in solving exercises/assignments ​
  • Feedback to students on submitted exercises/assignments that are not exam assignments and ECTS valid
  • Facilitation of dialogue about course material​
  • Supervision of projects