Case Collection

The Nordic Case House is developing its collection of teaching cases. We support case development from ideation to publication with The Case Centre and Harvard Business Publishing.

The CBS collection has a strong focus on Nordic companies and/or addressing business issues through a “Nordic lens”. Here is an overview of our current case collection:

Information Technology

TDC NET’S Innovation Hub: Leveraging 5G competencies (2023)

Christoph Grimpe 

General Management

From operational data maintenance to strategic data architecture: Master data management at Chr. Hansen (2023)

Attila Marton, Lasse Friis Nielsen & Nina Bækbo Andersen

TechFriend: How to improve corporate governance and board engagement in a high-growth, gig-economy SME (2023)

Trond Randøy


The unlikely inventor and the reluctant manufacturer – Coloplast’s start-up story (2023)

 Louise Karlskov Skyggebjerg

Cupid’s wingman: Social dating at Doubble (2023)

 Christina Lubinski 

Green globalization: GreenMobility’s push to internationalize electric car sharing (2023)

 Adam K Frost, Shuang Frost & Lukas Hvidkjær & Kristoffer Frank

International Business

Copenhagen Merchants Group and the EU Farm To Fork strategy (2023)

Andrew C Inkpen & Tine Walravens

Mikael Larsson and the Taedonggang Beer Factory (2023)

 Peter Hagstrom, Lars Hakanson & Ari Kokko


Shein disrupts fast fashion and confronts sustainability (2023)

 Andrew C Inkpen & Kannan Ramaswamy

MobilePay A/S: A new business model with a swipe? (2023)

Christoph Grimpe

Will oil and gas be Guyana’s baccoo? (2023)

 Michael H Moffett & Andrew C Inkpen

Timing the climate transition in Sweden: Exergi’s green innovation journey towards negative emissions (2023)

 Susanna Kugelberg & Susana Borras


DNB Future Waves – an impact investment fund to support a sustainable ocean economy (2023)

Kedar Uttam, Kristjan Jespersen & Paige Olmsted

Human Resource Management

The Closet – motivating volunteers and making a profit (2023)

Katrine Schrøder-Hansen

Embedding DEI in the company strategy as a means of closing the gender gap in shipping: The case of Maersk Tankers (2023)

 Poornima Luthra 


Budgeting at Pharmabrew (A) (2023)

 Catherine Batt

Budgeting at Pharmabrew (B) (2023)

Catherine Batt

Business & Government

Transocean Ltd. (A) (2023)

Torben Andersen

Transocean Ltd. (B) (2023)

Torben Andersen

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