Recording videos

If you want a quick and flexible way to record your videos/podcasts, CBS has a license to a tool called Panopto. Panopto is recording software that you can download to your computer or use as an online application in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

With Panopto you can make several different kinds of videos and podcasts. Below are some examples:

  • Screen recordings of for example PowerPoint or Excel with or without annotation
  • Talking heads, where you record yourself through a webcam
  • Podcast where you only record the sound.

You have the opportunity to borrow equipment (webcam, microphone, and headset) from us for a shorter time period, or purchase your own through the it-support helpdesk.

Teaching & Learning is happy to assist with an introduction, advice/recommendation, and guidance. You can read more about Panopto and see video examples at this link.

Want to know more? Reach out to the media team!