Course Readings

Getting started
All teachers at CBS can use Course Readings, and it is already integrated with Canvas. This video tutorial walks through a setup of a reading list used in Canvas. 

Course Readings is a reading list solution that will help you create and share course readings with your students in Canvas. Creating a reading list from scratch is very straightforward, and you can easily roll over and recycle reading lists in subsequent years. OBS: In support material, you might find the word ‘Leganto’ used instead of ‘Course Readings’. It is the same tool, but at CBS we use the name ‘Course Readings’ instead of ‘Leganto’.

Course Readings in three steps
  • Step 1: Set up the course and list

Navigate to Course Readings in your Canvas course. Set up course information. Add a list and choose a template. 

  • Step 2: Populate your list

Add items to your reading list by clicking “Add Item”. Find your reading list material through “Library search”. What you cannot find through the library, you can add via the “Blank form”. In the “Blank form”, you add bibliographical information and your own file or a webpage address. 

  • Step 3: Finish your list and publish it

Click “Library Review” to let the library check your items. Make your list accessible to students by clicking “Publish”. 

5 pieces of advice for using Course Readings

1) Remember to fill in all information when you set up the course

2) Please do not change the pre-filled name of the reading list

3) Some e-books are not available from the library in a form that is suitable for full courses. Check the e-book that you have chosen.

4) Remember to check that self-uploaded texts comply with copyright regulations. Note the information in the upload area.

5) Communicate with your students by using tags and “Public notes”. Click ‘Edit’ at the end of each citation and add information.

Course Readings is managed and mainly supported by the CBS library. If you are in doubt or need assistance, don´t hesitate to contact your department Liaison Librarian.

A guide with videos is available on the Library’s website.

Teaching & Learning consultants will be able to assist with simple setups of the readings list. Find your local T&L department consultant here