Getting started
1) Before reaching out to UniHelper, contact your program director to know if the program you are teaching on already has access to UniHelper.
2) Contact UniHelper at to begin setting up your customized questionnaire. UniHelper will help you develop the correct questions based on interest areas, personality types, and levels of ambition.

UniHelper is a software solution that can help reduce dropout rates and optimize student well-being by creating student groups based on students’ own perceived study strengths and weaknesses. The students receive a questionnaire at the beginning of a semester or study activity and based on their responses, algorithms will place them automatically in student groups that match each other’s ambitions and study habits. The questionnaire includes questions such as how much time you are willing to set aside for group work, your level of ambition, study ethics, and expectations.

How can UniHelper help me set up study groups?

  • Different types of student groups
    UniHelper can be used for all types of groups. study groups, laboratory groups, project groups, mentor groups, etc.
  • Based on students’ own data
    UniHelper only draws on data that students have provided themselves. Students do not have to answer all questions if they don’t want to.
  • Allocation happens automatically
    Students are allocated automatically to a group based on their responses. They will receive an e-mail with an invitation to the study group and view its members.
  • Automatization
    Using UniHelper can save a lot of time establishing groups in-class – students answer on their own time, and the allocation happens automatically.

If you have questions for UniHelper, contact learning consultant Stefani Konstanta at