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If you have questions or want to get started with McGraw Hill Connect, contact your llocal learning consultant. You can also take a look around our Connect support Canvas room here.

McGraw-Hill Connect is an adaptive learning platform that enables students to access e-books and supports their reading of McGraw Hill–published e-books. Students can check their progress with quizzes and assignments that are adapted to their learning pace, and you can monitor your students’ level of understanding and comprehension by accessing reports and feedback from their assignments.

How can my students and I benefit from McGraw Hill Connect?
  • Track student progress
    As a teacher, you can gain insights into your student’s progress, performance, and study strategies by accessing student reports.
  • Adapt to students’ learning progress
    With Connect, students can test themselves and the platform will adapt to the results by providing suggestions for what to read again and how to train for learning different concepts.
  • Helps increase reading comprehension
    Students receive information about how to direct their study and reading of specific concepts, which can lead to a better comprehension of the material and topics covered.
  • An integrated tool
    Students can gather notes, results, assignments, and readings in one place.

Getting started
If you want to get started with using McGraw Hill Connect, contact learning consultant Anita Monty at or your local department consultant who will help set Connect up for you in Canvas.