The business model game builds upon the “Business Model Canvas” tool and relies on interaction and creative conversation among students.

Playing the game will learn students how to build their own business model based on their own idea or a challenge they want to solve. It will also encourage students to collaborate with their peers as well as train their reflection and argumentation skills.

How it works

  • Game board
    As students move around the game board, they will create content which they will write into the canvas in the center of the game board. Students can take the game board home with them and bring it to the next class session.
  • Playing cards
    The creative conversation among students will be based on the cards they have drawn. The cards challenge students’ perspectives and cause them to continuously innovate and refine their business model.
  • Groups
    It is important that all group members get a chance to take part in the brainstorm, share their reflections, and argue their perspectives. Therefore, it is recommended that students work together in groups of 4-6 students.
  • No final truth
    It is impossible for students to get into all the different ramifications of their business idea during the game. Because of that, there is no final truth in what students create in the game.
  • Time
    The total playing time for each game round is approximately 2,5 hours depending on framing and teacher facilitation. It is recommended to interrupt each game round a couple of times to make time for discussions in the plenary.
  • Play it again
    Since the basis of the game is questions, it can be advantageous to play the game multiple times to have students investigate all the directions and implications suggested by their interactions during gameplay.

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