A peer-mentoring program for experienced doctoral supervisors

Are you a busy research supervisor looking for strategies to make your supervision even more efficient and enjoyable? Then you will find this advanced program relevant.

The program is based on peer mentoring where supervisors observe each other’s supervision and provide peer feedback. Peer mentoring is a structured and systematic means of sharing knowledge, and experience, and do joint problem-solving among peers at similar professional career stages. The peer-mentoring process is facilitated by a highly experienced educational developer within the field of doctoral supervision.

OBS! This is a two-day course.

The main purpose is to establish, support and develop local, collegial, and scholarly-based reflection among experienced supervisors at CBS.

Target group
Associate Professors or Full Professors at CBS with experience as main PhD supervisor.


  • Over a period of one semester, the program includes an introductory workshop in September (3 hours) and closes with a follow-up workshop in November (3 hours).


  • Introductory workshop: September 15, 2023, 9:00-13:00

  • Closing workshop: November 24, 2023, 9:00-13:00


  • Participants will complete 1-2 rounds of peer observations (approx. 6 hours in total). The facilitator offers support/sparring, if necessary.

  • The introductory workshop includes 1) a brief focused presentation of research-based advice and tools for successful PhD supervision, and 2) an introduction to key principles on how to conduct peer observations.

  • The closing workshop will focus on participants’ learning from doing peer observations. Participants will document their learning by writing a teaching portfolio in a format compatible with the new requirements when applying for promotion at Danish universities. At the workshop, participants will share their portfolio drafts, provide peer-feedback as well as get feedback from the facilitator.

  • The program is cross-departmental.

Intended learning outcomes

The program offers you:

  • A flexible format for continuous professional supervisor development

  • A unique insight into other experienced supervisors’ practices

  • Concrete and context-specific feedback on your daily supervision

  • A collegial community with other experienced supervisors

  • Research-based knowledge about high-quality supervision

  • Feedback on how to solve critical cases in supervision

  • An opportunity to produce an outstanding teaching portfolio

Number of participants: Max. 30


Introductory workshopClosing workshop
09.00Welcome and introduction09.00Welcome back
09.30Successful PhD supervision
Presentation of research-based advice and tools for good supervision
09.15What is a good teaching portfolio?
Presentation of key criteria and genre features to apply when you provide peer-feedback on each other’s portfolio drafts
10.30Coffee break09.50Short bio break
10.45Peer-mentoring: Why and how?
Introduction to key principles and methods in peer-observations
09.55Peer-feedback on portfolio drafts
Feedback in pairs  
11.15Planning your coming observations
Calendar logistics in your groups.
10.55Coffee break
11.45The teaching portfolio
Instructions on how to document your learning from peer observations in your portfolio
11.10‘Peer interactions come in many forms’
Presentation and discussion of concrete tools for how to support peer learning and community building among very experienced supervisors 
12.00Working lunch with sandwiches
Q&A session about supervision and the coming observations
12.00Lunch with sandwiches
Evaluation + informal chats with colleagues
12.30End of workshop12.30End of workshop

About the facilitators

Gitte Wichmann-Hansen, PhD is a Senior researcher at The Department of Education Studies, Aarhus University, and owner of the consultancy “Academic Supervision” that offers high-quality professional training for research supervisors. 

She is an established researcher within the field of doctoral supervision with 100+ publications on academic supervision, and she has 20+ years of experience running workshops for supervisors at all career stages across European Universities.

Annemette Kjærgaard, PhD is Professor MSO at Department for Management, Society, and Communications at CBS and Academic Director for Continuous Professional Development at CBS.  Her research focus is Management Learning and Development, and she teaches assistant professors in the Higher Education Teaching Excellence Program and Leadership Development at Master in Public Governance.


15 Sep 2023 - 24 Nov 2023


9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Annemette Kjærgaard


Annemette Kjærgaard

Other Organizers

Gitte Wichmann-Hansen
Gitte Wichmann-Hansen