Understanding and supporting student well-being: How to integrate wellbeing in teaching (EN)

“I do not dare to tell others if I think a subject is difficult. I’m just dealing with it myself. But why the hell aren’t we talking about it to try to find a solution? No one dares to announce that they think things are difficult. I believe it’s because nobody wants to be perceived as being stupid. In essence, you are scared of what others might think.”

This is how a CBS-student accounts for feelings of inadequacy, which pose a threat to wellbeing, learning and to the transformative capabilities Nordic Nine, of which several, especially NN#6 (You critical when thinking and constructive when collaborating) presuppose the courage to be open-minded. This problem must not be pathologized but taken seriously. One way to do that is to see group-work and classroom-setting as an entrance to enhance the student’s courage and collaboration capabilities.Recognizing, that human beings would get along with each other better, were they able to understand one another better, and that this understanding are not to be got out of books, the research has developed tools for students to train this humanity capability as a dynamic social-emotional.   

In this workshop, the participants will acquire the following:

Knowledge: Be introduced to result from the research project “Stress prevention and well-being among students at CBS”, including why and how inadequacy pose a threat to wellbeing, which situations in a study trigger this feeling and what are its consequences.

Values: Understand why helping students to accept and resist a certain degree of inadequacy is a relevant way to approaching student wellbeing as a teacher and how this requires student to take collective responsibility and engage in open communication with each other.

Action: Get tools, material and guidelines, which easily and within a manageable timeframe can be integrated in one’s own teaching and thereby address some of the problems, which is an obstacle for student wellbeing, and which don’t require therapeutic skills.

Full course name:

Understanding and supporting student well-being: How to integrate wellbeing in teaching using tools to improve collaboration capabilities (Nordic Nine)


1/3 day

Registration deadline

4 June 2023


06 Jun 2023


9:00 am - 11:30 am
Pernille Steen Pedersen


Pernille Steen Pedersen