Exploring Ethical Dilemmas of AI in the classroom

This is a two-part session.

In the first part, Daniel Hardt will survey ethical issues surrounding the use of AI, such as the issues of bias, impact on the labour market, resources required for AI training and intellectual property rights. We will also look at issues involved in using AI for assignments and exams. In addition, we look at broader concerns, including the power of tech companies over AI, and about AI alignment and existential risk of AI.  

The following workshop will take these issues as the point of departure and showcase the teaching formats that can enable you to bring these discussions into the classroom while relating them to NN5. You will consider their relevance to your teaching context through guided reflection and group discussion exercises and identify the activity types that could offer your students productive and meaningful learning opportunities.

Target group

The workshop is open to all staff at CBS and external participants.  
It will be offered in two parts:
13.00-14.00 The talk by Daniel Hardt.
14.00-15.00 – The workshop by Teaching & Learning on teaching ethical dilemmas. Participants are welcome to register either for the talk only (1h) or the talk and the workshop (2h).

Intended learning outcomes

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the ethical issues surrounding the use of AI.
  • Identify the connection between the ethical dilemmas of AI and NN5.
  • Make informed choices of teaching formats relevant to the discussion of ethical uses of AI in your teaching context.
  • Design a classroom activity to engage your students with the ethical dilemmas of AI


2 hours

Registration deadline

Monday, 20th of November