Department of Organization (IOA)
Implementation time:
Spring, 2023
Teacher’s name:
Poornima Luthra
Global People Management: Human Resource Management & Leadership (G)
Arbejdsmarkedsteori- og analyse (U)

Brief Description:
In this example, the instructor sought to harness the power of AI, to challenge students and foster higher-order thinking skills. The strategy was simple, yet highly effective: use ChatGPT to generate responses to case studies and exam questions, then invite students to critically evaluate those answers. By doing so, the instructor embraced ChatGPT as a learning tool, encouraging students to apply critical thinking and higher-order skills to analyze the AI-generated content. Through this approach, the teacher was able to bridge the gap between traditional teaching methods and the evolving technological landscape, using AI as a tool to amplify learning rather than replace human intellect.

Teacher’s Motivation:
Poornima wholeheartedly accepted the role of technology in education, acknowledging its transformative effect on evaluation strategies. She understood that incorporating AI into the educational landscape isn’t just a passing trend, but an inevitable shift that will progressively influence how students approach their studies, including exam preparations. This integration ensured not only the relevance of her teaching methods but also leveraged the potential benefits of AI to enhance learning experiences and enable more refined assessment strategies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Encourage critical thinking and evaluation skills 
  • Test higher-order thinking skills and application of knowledge 

Activity Description:
The exam was structured to include both AI-generated content and personal reflection questions. Students were tasked with critically evaluating ChatGPT’s answers, considering how they might be applied in different contexts, and reflecting on their personal experiences. The inclusion of personal reflection questions served as a subtle reminder that while AI could generate complex responses, it could not replicate the richness and depth of human experiences.

Useful Tips for teachers 

  • Experiment with ChatGPT before incorporating it into exams 
  • Focus on testing higher-order thinking skills and application of knowledge 
  • Be prepared to adapt and update your teaching and assessment methods in response to technological advancements 
  • Maintain a trusting relationship with students and promote critical thinking