UDL for group work

Based on learning sciences’ research on how humans learn best, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework that supports the design of inclusive and accessible learning. 

The workshop will open with a presentation of the UDL framework, its theoretical underpinnings and its main principles for implementation. The main part of the workshop will focus on how to apply UDL in group work, specifically when students work in groups on medium or long-term collaborative tasks or projects.  

UDL guidelines will be discussed to answer these questions: What barriers to learning does group work usually create and how can these be reduced?, How can group work be designed for diversity, giving all students equal opportunities to thrive? Participants will consider UDL recommendations to design inclusive group work and will identify specific strategies that can be implemented in their courses.  


2 hours, on-campus

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Nuria Lopez
Varia Christie