Leveraging diversity in the classroom

This course is an opportunity for teachers from different backgrounds and levels of experience to come together and interrogate how differences between them and the students as well as among the students play a role in the teaching and learning experience.

As CBS teaching staff, we are Danes and foreigners; women and men; older and younger; with long work experience at CBS and/or elsewhere; teaching full courses in a given program and sometimes single sessions; and so on. The same diversity can be found in our students. Yet we tend to work with a uniform, normative idea of who we should be as teachers and about who is the ideal type of student we teach to. This can lead to both frustrations and untapped potential to improve the learning and teaching experience.

We combine insights from theory and practice-oriented methods with the lived experiences of participants; thus, the course is based upon the idea of active experimentation and sharing.

The course is delivered in a blended format. Online activities are planned both before and after the half-day in class. The online activities correspond to the other half-day APP hours. Online activities include watching and reading introductory materials, a quiz, Canvas discussion groups, as well as individual work in the form of formalized questions or dilemmas to work with in class and output work after the class in the form of a Panopto video (that can be added to the APP portfolio). In-class activities include lecturing and group work.

Target group

Teachers interested in making diversity in the classroom a resource for improved teaching and learning experience.

Intended learning outcomes

By participating in this course, you will:

  • Get an opportunity to reflect on what diversity in the classroom means for you and your students
  • Gain insights into research related to diversity and education
  • Develop a portfolio of tools to address students’ needs as well as improve your teaching experience
  • Understand how blended learning can play a role in leveraging diversity
  • Know how to do a great start-up and an impressive ending


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Florence Villeseche

Stina Teilmann-Lock

Maribel Blasco