Introduction course for CBS instructors

The course is divided into two sessions and attendance in both is required.

Course content

  • Introduction to the role and practice of instructors at CBS
  • Teaching and exercises in pedagogical and didactical tools and theories
  • Sparring and discussions with other instructors


After the course, you will be able to

  • Be able to reflect on pedagogical and didactical dimensions of teaching and facilitating exercise classes.
  • Have tools and theories to plan your exercise classes after.
  • Have examples and concrete experiences inspiration and motivation to help you carry out and succeed with your tasks as an instructor.
  • Be able to discuss your instructor practice in a solution-oriented way.

Target group

Students who work as instructors at CBS who have active teaching tasks ahead of them.

Dates and times

Danish workshops:

25.01.2023, 09.00-14.00
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English workshops:

17.01.2023, 09.00-14.00
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Nina Rathlev Henriksen

Ida Malmkjær