In the Limelight – From ARTistry to Classroom Mastery

In teaching and learning both teachers and students can benefit from the insights of applying theatre techniques. More educational programmes at universities, including their professional business schools draw from various disciplines in the arts. Teaching skills can be enhanced and strengthened by drawing from artistic fields such as theatre, in applying techniques on how to prepare for the stage, how to go on stage, how to own the stage, how to engage your audience, and how to create an engaging learning journey.

We know about techniques of applying rhetoric principles, the power of presence, the art of noticing, embodiment, verbal- and non-verbal alignment, storytelling elements, and audience characteristics. All techniques commonly used in theatre practice and this workshop shows how a combination of these insights can be applied to strengthen and broaden teaching performance and creating cognitive-transferable learning experiences.

This is done by: learning by doing, theoretical explanations, ambitious goalsetting of demonstrating new behaviour, workshop discussion, and creating a maximum performance situation.

Target group

Faculty – all levels

Intended learning outcomes

Improvement and validation of your own working experience and knowledge, deep dive into applied theatre techniques, refreshing perspective on teaching skills by drawing on functional theatre techniques, internalizing new insights into teaching, and implementing strategies to strengthen and improve teaching skills.

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Fleur A. De Lima