Whiteboard Telling

Do you want to improve your presentation skills to capture your audience’s attention? In this course, you will learn: 

  • How to use Whiteboard presentations as a complementary tool to Power Point 

  • How to present a complex story through simple drawings and key words 

  • To structure and clarify your presentations with a presentation model that you can use no matter what type of visuals you use 

The workshop consists of presentations, group work, discussions, and participant presentations.  

Before the workshop, please think of a subject that you can present in 5-10 minutes. During the workshop, you will make a Whiteboard presentation out of that subject. I recommend that you use a business case or a story about your topic; something that lends itself to visualization. A story about how a company grew to be successful or how a theory developed are good examples. Showing how to do financial calculations is a bad example.  

Target group
All teachers and staff at CBS who want to improve their presentation skills.

Intended learning outcomes
After the workshop, you will be better at:  

  • Giving interactive presentations that capture your audience’s attention 

  • Using storytelling to illustrate your theory or topic 

1/2 day

Registration deadline

14 March 2023

Fee (CBS employees)

Fee (external participants):


21 Mar 2023


9:00 am - 12:30 pm
Christian Schönström-Lund


Christian Schönström-Lund