Educational Leadership (collaboration with Aarhus University)

The course is about educational leadership and addresses dilemmas, different expectations, and opportunities in practice for those responsible for teaching without formal management responsibility. The course is offered in collaboration with Aarhus University and starts in the fall 2023.

The course will give participants knowledge of their dual role’s special organizational location, role, and function. In addition, the focus will be on practice-oriented development of one’s own role within educational leadership with different perspectives on facilitating collegial collaborations.

This course focuses on professors and associate professors who are appointed to have special responsibility for coordinating and developing education and teaching.

The course is aimed at the scientific staff who, in addition to their own teaching, also have a special organizational responsibility for coordinating and developing education/teaching – a ‘dual role’ that is carried out without formal management responsibility.

The overall purpose of the course is to contribute knowledge about the special function and organizational position of the dual role, as well as the development of one’s own role, with a focus on various aspects of collegial collaborations such as course evaluation.

The course is organized so it reflects the collegial community corresponding to level 3 in the Danish framework for advancing university pedagogy.

Further information here: Danish framework for advancing university pedagogy

Intended learning outcomes
After completion of the course, participants will be able to: 

  • Analyse and assess the specific organizational position and function of the role based on research on educational leadership
  • Translate and use knowledge to handle your own role in local contexts
  • Involve the organization in aligning expectations of the functions of the role
  • Manage collegial collaborations on, for example, course development