Assertive verbal – oral communication and personal performance

As lecturers, we need to consider how to perform the content of our teaching in a way that attracts attention and commitment from the students- From the sound of our voice and the signals from our body language, our listeners will make judgments about our attitude, personality, our sincerity, and credibility. Within a few seconds, the listener subconsciously decides to listen or not, to get involved and take action or not. If we can´t manage these skills, the listeners might get confused, get the wrong interpretation, or “check out” mentally. Therefore, the importance to get to steer the voice, mindset, and body language in the right direction is an important skill to learn to make that impact. 

Any oral communication involves the voice, but most people are not aware of how the voice produces sound and how to use the “special effects” that gives the words the interpretation the speaker wants to deliver.

Body language 
Our body language is like an open book, it is important that we are present when teaching, to connect our body – language with the content taught to get it aligned. You will get simple tips how to get a natural, positive and powerful body language that match your personality.

Feeling good 
Being aware of how to cope with nervousness, and find your power, presence, and engagement, it’s all about mind, body, and respiration.

The extra spices 
Creating great starts and endings are essential – as well as using silence and pausing to learn the tricks. 

After the course, you can use your assertiveness and teaching ability by:

  • Be aware that voice, body language, posture, facial expression, feeling good, and being present, go together
  • Know how to use the 6 start-up checkpoints
  • Get an expressive voice and how to speak inspiring and variated, using pitch, rhythm, tempo, timbre, tone, volume, and the power of silence and pausing
  • Use your body language and posture in a natural way, and get rid of ticks
  • Know how to feel calm, energetic and keep the track of what you want to say and do
  • Know how to do a great start-up and an impressive ending

Preparation: Please prepare a short introduction of yourself approximately 2 minutes. You will get further information when signed up for the course.

Target group
Teachers who are interested in learning how to use your voice:

  • Improve your voice skills, get rid of voice problems like mumbling, speaking to fast, tired voice, no volume

Teachers who are interested in getting introduced to how you:

  • Get great using nonverbal communication skills and light up your assertiveness
  • Ignite yourself, feeling confident, engaging, present and having a good time teaching
  • Get a natural yet powerful body language and posture
  • Take the floor with solid and easy tricks

APP Days

This course counts as 1/2 APP days.

Dates and times

3rd of November, 2022 (1-day extended course – NB: Counts as 1 APP day)
9:00 AM – 4 PM
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7th of March, 2023
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Varia Christie