From how we learn to how we teach: building the bridge between learning sciences and teaching practice (3-week course)

Research in the learning sciences provides invaluable insight into how we learn and how we can design teaching that supports learning best. In this course, participants will gain a foundation in relevant concepts of research on learning and will produce a plan to apply evidence-based findings in their teaching.

OBS! This is a three-week online course.

Week One will focus on: 

  • introducing the learning sciences 

  • discovering some common beliefs and misconceptions about learning

  • exploring the learning brain: perception, attention and memory

Week Two will focus on:

  • becoming familiar with some key strategies for effective learning and the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework

  • reflecting on how teaching can align with science-based findings on how we learn

Week Three will focus on: 

  • participants planning the application of some of the learning sciences concepts in one of their courses (this constitutes the final activity of the course)

The course is activity-based. Participants are expected to participate and complete weekly activities to put into practice the topics introduced in the course. To pass the course, participants are expected to complete all activities of the course. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a formal certificate.

This is a fully online course, taking place asynchronously in Canvas. Additionally, there will be three optional online synchronous sessions – one at the end of each week, lasting for approximately one hour and reserved for open discussion.

Target group

Teaching staff who, regardless of their teaching experience, would like to learn about the interdisciplinary field of the learning sciences and become familiar with key concepts they can apply when planning their courses. 

Intended learning outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will be able to: 

1. Explain how the learning sciences can support teaching practice.

2. Identify key strategies that contribute to learning.

3. Establish ways to align the design of their courses and their teaching practice with theory and practice from the learning sciences.


2 days

Location and time

Online – from 6th to 23rd June 

Deadline for registration



06 - 23 Jun 2023


All Day


Nuria Lopez


Nuria Lopez