Creating engaging educational videos

This course will enable you to think in a more powerful way about educational videos and how can you can use them to enhance your teaching. The course will focus on the theoretical background and practical applications of video production in the context of creating media for education   In this comprehensive course, we’ll cover both the theoretical background and practical applications of video production, our team will take you through every stage of media creation, from planning to recording and editing. Along the way, we will answer questions such as: When and why should we use video in teaching? What makes a video engaging?  How can you target higher-order thinking skills?   We will look at planning a shoot and scripting. You will be introduced to the vocabulary of filmmaking. For instance, what are shot types and how do we use them? We will show you how to get the best quality audio from your equipment and how to set up your camera or mobile ready for a shoot.   You will finally be guided through considerations around accessibility when producing content before publishing. With hands-on experience and practical tips, you’ll be equipped to create impactful educational videos that inspire and engage your students.. The course will also allow you to discussion your experience of media creation with your peers and reflect on what works and what doesn’t.       

Target group

Teachers and lecturers who, regardless of their teaching experience have an interest in using educational videos to support teaching and promote student learning.   

Intended learning outcomes

  • Critically evaluate the role of educational videos in teaching and learning
  • Incorporate multimedia design principles and learning theories into the production of educational videos
  • Produce and educational video that follows accessibility principles and effectively conveys a message, tells a story, and archieves communication goals


12 hours (4 hours per week)

Registration deadline

25. August 2023

Fee (CBS employee)

Free of charge

Fee (external)

DKK 15.000.-


28 Aug 2023 - 15 Sep 2023


Asynchronous Modules released every Monday starting from the 17th of April Online meetings every Friday from 10-11 where we will give feedback, have Q&A and open discussions Location: Online Dates:  Friday 21/4 2023 10-11 Friday 28/4 2023 10-11 and Friday 12/05 2023 10-11
10:00 am - 11:00 am


Stefani Konstanta


Stefani Konstanta

Other Organizers

Søren Baltzer Rasmussen
Søren Baltzer Rasmussen