How to download Zoom

Go to and click on "download client" in the the bottom of the page.Then choose "Zoom Client for Meetings" and press download.

When Zoom has been downloaded and installed, press "sign in" and "sign in with SSO".

In the field "company domain" type cbs-dk and press continue.

Create a Zoom meeting

How to schedule a meeting on the desktop app: written guide / video guide 

Record your meeting

You can record your Zoom meeting so students who were not able to attend can re-watch your presentation.

All you need to do is follow these three steps:

  1. Record your Zoom meeting: written guide / video guide
  2. Upload you recording to Panopto: PDFguide / video guide
  3. Share your recording in Panopto: PDFguide / video guide

Zoom features

Here you can find  a list of guides to some of the most used Zoom features:

- Using the breakout rooms: written guide  / video guide

- Using the whiteboard: written guide  / video guide

- Sharing your screen: written guide  / video guide

- Share your iPhone or iPad screen: written guide  / video guide

- Creating and using polls: written guide  / video guide

- Private message: written guide