We do videos

We develop concepts and films that captures and engage the students for educational use at CBS. We also support video production for CBS teachers both technical and pedagogical.

Which option suits my needs?

Fast and flexible

Software runs on both macOS and Windows

HD video and audio quality

Record & edit yourself directly on your computer or in our Panopto Studio

Freedom to record as much and whenever you want

Integrate PowerPoint presentations directly in your video

Support and help from our staff

Produced Video
Extensive planning & execution

Recording and editing done by our video crew

Professional grade video and audio quality

Recording and editing done by our video crew

Custom graphics & animations by our design team

Guidance on various aspects of script writing & on-camera performance

Lecture Capture

If you want a recording of a single or a series of lectures, we provide support for both slide based and annotations videos.
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Self-recorded Video

We offer technical and pedagogical support for teachers who wish to record their own videos for teaching purposes using
Panopto software.

We develop and produce films

In collaboration with you we develop concepts and produce films and animation for educational use at CBS.
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Use a mini documentary to give students unique insights into managers' or other professionals' thoughts and decisions.


Showcase your teaching design for knowledge sharing across the organization.


Create a strong narrative to get your students emotionally involved in given subject or matter.

Inside teaching

Share your teaching perspectives and ideas with others


Set up a conversation with one of your colleagues to share a discussion with multiple stand points.

Case films

Use a story, a problem or something completely different. Have the students dive into a case film in class or online


Bring it all together in your courses, interview, case, narrative, documentary and animation.


Use animations to visualize cases, statistics, story, frameworks. Get complex knowledge communicated clearly across


Interview a business partner for valuable insights on real-life business events or set up a conversation.


We distinguish between two types of services:

1. Services directly related to teaching and learning activities such as courses and lectures.
We offer these services free of charge.

2. All other services focusing on internal or external communication of research, coverage of events and marketing and branding at CBS.
We offer these services only when our schedule allows it, and we charge a fee.