The first APP meeting

The aim of the first meeting is to get to know each other and agree upon a plan that allows the assistant professor to fulfill all learning objectives within the agreed upon time-frame.

The assistant professor must:
  • Call supervisors to arrange a joint meeting shortly upon enrollment in the APP
  • Prior to meeting, share an initial 2-year plan of how/when to finalize the different APP tasks
  • After the meeting, share the final 2-year plan with both supervisors and Academic Officer, Mia Stelsig Haagensen

The meeting will allow you to discuss the assistant professor’s level of knowledge and command of different research-based teaching practices and potential areas for future development.

The assistant professor will also be able to discuss when and how to make the best use of the supervisors and the intended timeline for the completion of the APP tasks (courses, observations, assignment and teaching portfolio). Suggested topics to be covered during the meeting are listed below.

Schedule the first meeting soon and provide both supervisors with an initial draft of your 2-year plan before the meeting. After the meeting you must update and share the final plan.

Topics for the first APP meeting

Background and teaching experiences
  • How would you describe your educational and research background (including your area of research, your academic interests as a teacher, and past synergies between your teaching and your research)?
  • How would you describe the last blended, online, and on-campus courses you have taught?
  • What were your own teaching responsibilities in the courses and the primary teaching methods employed by you?
  • What is your general view of your role as a teacher?
  • How would you describe your department’s and your field’s teaching traditions?
  • What do you perceive to be your strengths and weaknesses as a teacher?
  • What do you think you need the most in order to become an even better teacher?
  • How can the departmental supervisor and non-departmental supervisor best contribute to this development?
  • How do you currently envision your teaching portfolio for your assistant professorship?
  • Which courses and thesis/project supervision activities should be observed by your non-departmental supervisor?
  • Which courses and exam activities should be observed by your departmental supervisor?
  • Which pedagogical challenges do you currently envision in your teaching and how could the APP assignment help you reflect on these challenges?
  • When do you intend to hand in your assignment to your non-departmental supervisor?
  • Which pedagogical courses will you sign up for?