APP Teaching Portfolio

At the end of the APP, the assistant professor must hand in a teaching portfolio to both supervisors. The teaching portfolio gives the supervisors a comprehensive overview of the assistant professor’s teaching activities, evaluations, and reflections before they draft the final assessment.

Upon hand-in, the non-departmental supervisor will give feedback on the proposal, which can be incorporated when applying for an associate professor position.


To ensure a systematic documentation and assessment of the assistant professor’s teaching qualifications, the guidelines of teaching portfolios at CBS must be followed.

Download the guidelines for the teaching portfolio here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should the teaching portfolio be?

The portfolio should contain a documentation section and a reflection section; see the formatting instructions in the template. These two sections should be no longer than 5 pages. You can add max 10 pages of appendices to the portfolio.

How does the teaching portfolio differ from the portfolio included in an application for an associate professorship at CBS?

The main difference is that some sections cannot be finalized before the final assessment of the assistant professor’s teaching competencies, as for example the final assessment would be included in section 1e of the documentary part of the teaching portfolio. Instead, in section 1e assistant professors can include selected written/oral feedback from their supervisors for this draft of a teaching portfolio.

Should all student evaluations achieved during the assistant professorship be included?

The portfolio should cover all student evaluations, but not all of them have to be included in full length. In section 1b all evaluations should be briefly listed and described on an overall level (e.g. how your evaluations in the different courses have changed over time), while the appendices should provide documentation for this, including a summarization of your personal evaluation scores in all of your courses and (selected relevant sections of) selected evaluations.