APP Observations

Both the non-departmental supervisor and the departmental supervisor must observe the assistant professor’s teaching activities.

During the pre-meeting, the assistant professor informs the supervisor about the content and objectives of the teaching and special wishes concerning the observation and feedback. After the observation, the supervisor provides the assistant professor with written feedback to be discussed at a follow-up meeting at the end of each observation process.

How to do it

The assistant professor must be observed at least 5 times during the program.

It is recommended that observations take place over a longer period of time in order to give the assistant professor the opportunity to develop between observations based on the feedback given.

Departmental supervisor

Must engage in at least 2 x observations covering class teaching and an examination activity, preferably an oral exam

Non-departmental supervisor

Must engage in at least 3 x observations covering at least class teaching and project supervision.


Please see the guides below for inspiration about possible focus points in observations and feedback