The Assistant Professor Programme is aligned with CBS' pedagogical principles and provides knowledge, inspiration, and opportunities for development of junior faculty's teaching competencies


CBS Teaching & Learning is responsible for the provision of CBS' Assistant Professor Programme, which is mandatory for assistant professors employed by CBS. The objective of the AP-Programme is to contribute to the teaching competence development of assistant professors, enabling them to become excellent teachers and course managers in their future career at CBS or other universities. The APP is required by law and aligned with CBS' pedagogical principles. It provides knowledge, inspiration, teaching supervision, and a written assessment of teaching competences.

Of course, developing the teaching competence of assistant professors cannot be seen solely as the result of a study programme. Competency development of this nature depends to a very large extent on the assistant professors’ engagement in and willingness to learn from the actual practice of teaching. Consequently, assistant professors must teach at least the equivalent of one full semester to participate in the programme.


Learning objectives

Acquire fundamental knowledge about didactics, active & research based teaching, (blended) learning, supervision, examination, and formative/summative feedback practices


Based on this knowledge, demonstrate the ability to perform didactical analyses of a specific teaching/assessment setting


Demonstrate willingness and ability to perform, develop, and adapt teaching & assessment activities to the benefit of students' learning outcome in the specific setting

Timeline & tasks



The assistant professor is supervised by two supervisors throughout the entire process: one departmental supervisor and one non-departmental supervisor.

Their main focuses are:

Non-departmental supervisor

The general didactical understanding, the practical implementation of this understanding and its impact on student learning processes.

Upon enrolment in the programme, the non-departmental supervisor is assigned by teaching and learning.


departmental supervisor

The field specific teaching traditions and the relation between research base and teaching activities.

Upon enrolment of the programme, the assistant professor chooses a departmental supervisor in collaboration with the Head of Department.

Task lists

Please note that the APP program is a requirement to apply for associate professorship at CBS. Please also note, that all APP-tasks should ideally be completed within two years and that you are automatically unenrolled from the APP program when you are no longer employed as assistant professor at CBS. If it is deemed realistic that you can finalize the APP shortly after your employment terminates, Teaching & Learning can grant a one year extension of your APP-enrollment.


To gain additional information about the APP tasks for both the assistant professor and his/her supervisors, please explore the following.

Assistant Professor's Tasks

Step 1: Call the first meeting with departmental and non-departmental supervisors to agree on a 2-year plan

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Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the assessment requirements

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Step 3: Participate in basic pedagogical course "Learning to Teach" unless equivalent basic pedagogical course experience can be documented

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Step 4: Participate in mandatory modules & elective course days

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Step 5: Invite non-departmental and departmental supervisor to observations

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Step 6: Send problem-based assignment to non-departmental supervisor

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Step 7: Send teaching portfolio to non-departmental supervisor

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Non-departmental Supervisor's Tasks

Step 1: Participate in the first meeting with assistant professor and non-departmental supervisor

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Step 2: Observe and provide written feedback on two teaching sessions and one project supervision session

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Step 3: Approve one problem-based assignment

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Step 4: Discuss and provide feedback on teaching portfolio draft

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Step 5: Create a final assessment draft and discuss with departmental supervisor

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Departmental Supervisor's Tasks

Step 1: Participate in the first meeting with assistant professor and departmental supervisor

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Step 2: Observe and provide written feedback on one teaching sessions and one oral exam

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Step 3: Discuss final assessment draft with the non-departmental supervisor

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For further information please contact:

Mia Stelsig Haagensen
Academic Officer

Tel.: +45 3815 2756
E-mail: msh.tl@cbs.dk