CORE Workshops

The CORE workshops are targeted at groups of teachers teaching the same course. The idea is that they (re)design their course as a team, with the overall objective of developing a cohesive course plan that is student-centered and promotes deep and active learning. The workshops are organized and facilitated by the learning consultants in Teaching & Learning and are planned with introductions and guided activities as well as with time for the team to design. This means that you will leave the course with ideas and elements that you can implement directly in your course. Since the workshops are blended, participants must expect to do some work in between sessions.

In these workshops, participants will follow a step-by-step approach to course design based on the Backward Course Design model. Some of the key activities are:

  • reflecting on the general goals of the course and the characteristics of the students
  • writing intended learning outcomes
  • ensuring alignment between learning outcomes, learning activities and assessment
  • developing a student-centered weekly plan for the course
  • producing prototypes for some activities and a sample module in Canvas
Process describing one week in the CORE process

Strong emphasis will be put on the development of a storyboard or weekly learning plan. A storyboard is a planning tool used to sketch the course sequence and progress from the students’ perspective. By developing a storyboard, teachers focus on key aspects of the course such as delivery mode (face-to-face, online, blended), specific learning outcomes, the most suitable activities to achieve them, opportunities for feedback, and appropriate assessment methods.    

The CORE workshops are developed from the evidence-based CAIeRO (Creating Aligned Interactive educational Resource Opportunities) framework, developed and integrated in 2008 as part of the quality assurance of all courses and programs at the University of Northampton. The framework and materials are in use at several universities around the world under the terms of a Creative Commons license. They have been adapted to suit the requirements of Copenhagen Business School.

The CORE workshops take place on-demand and will typically occupy two full days, although a different format can be discussed depending on your needs. It is also possible to work with a similar re-design process if you are a single teacher teaching a course. Please contact Teaching & Learning for further information and dialogue about this. You can read more about CORE on the course page HERE.

For more information, please contact Teaching and Learning or your department consultant.